Industrialization Era Character Study (Hand-out and Notes Sheet)

Civil War Primary Source Documents
For every category (photo, song, letter, document), complete your assigned number and then complete a second item in the category of your choice.


Military Life -

1. Log Hut Company Kitchen

2. Soldiers Resting after Drill Reading Letters, Papers and Playing Cards - Petersburg, VA

3. Regimental Fife and Drum Corps

4. Soldiers in Front of a Wooden Hut (Winter Quarters)

5. Lithograph of "Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, Supported Gratuitously by the Citizens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Chaplain Conducting Mass for the 69th New York State Militia Encamped at Fort Corcoran- Washington, D.C., 1861

7. Sailors Relaxing on Deck of U.S.S. Monitor - James River, VA, July 1862

8. Members of the Christian Commission at their Field Headquarters near Germantown, MD, September 1863

9. Religious Services on the Deck of the U.S. Monitor Passaic - 1864

10. Noncommissioned Officers Mess of Company D, 93d New York Infantry - Bealeton, VA, Aug 1863

11. Dinner Party Outside Tent at the Army of the Potomac Headquarters - Brandy Station, VA, April 1865

12. Drum Corps of 10th Veteran Reserve Corps at Leisure - Washington, D.C., June 1865

13. Officers of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry Playing Cards in Front of Tents - Petersburg, VA, August 1864

14. Sailors on Deck of U.S.S. Monitor with a Cookstove at Left - James River, VA, July 9, 1862

15. Cooks in the Kitchen of Soldiers Rest - Alexandria, VA, July 1865

16. Soldiers Filling Canteens - Fredericksburg, VA, May 1864

17. Tent life of the 31st Penn. Inf. (later, 82d Penn. Inf.) at Queen's farm near Fort Slocum - Washington, DC.

18. Life in Camp Cameron


19. 668. African American Army Cook at Work - City Point, VA

20. The 26th U.S. Colored Volunteer Infantry on Parade - PA, 1865

21. 669. Contrabands - Culpeper, VA, November 1863

22. African American soldier in Union uniform with wife and two daughters

Photographers, Reporters and Editors -

23. Two Photographers Having Lunch in the Bull Run Area Before the Second Battle - 1862

24. Mathew B. Brady (Wearing a Straw Hat) Under Fire with a Battery - Petersburg, VA, June 21, 1864

26. 545. Alfred R. Waud, Artist of Harper's Weekly, Sketching on Battlefield - Gettysburg, PA, July 1863

Medical and Hospital

27. Amputation Being Performed in a Hospital Tent - Gettysburg, PA, July 1863

28. Wounded Soldiers Being Tended in the Field After the Battle of Chancellorsville - Near Fredericksburg, VA, May 2, 1863

29. Embalming Surgeon at Work on Soldier's Body - Location Unknown

Music -

Songs from the Union

  1. "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
  2. "Call 'Em Names, Jeff"
  3. "Faded Coat of Blue"
  4. "Good Bye, Jeff"
  5. "Grafted Into the Army"
  6. "Hard Tack, Come Again No More"
  7. "Jeff in Petticoats"
  8. "John Brown's Body"
  9. "Just Before the Battle, Mother"
  10. "Lincoln and Liberty"
  11. "Marching Through Georgia"
  12. "McClellan Is the Man"
  13. "O! Touch Not My Sister's Picture"
  14. "Sambo's Right To Be Kilt"
  15. "Starved in Prison"
  16. "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground"
  17. "The Grant Pill"
  18. "We Are Coming, Father Abraham"
  19. "When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea"
  20. "When This Cruel War Is Over"

Songs from the Confederacy
21. "Dixie, The Land of King Cotton"
22. "Good Ol' Rebel Soldier"
23. "How Are You, Telegraph?"
24. "Stonewall Jackson's Way"
25. "The South Shall Rise Up Free"
26. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
27 "Flight of Doodles"
28 "Homespun Dress"
29. "The Volunteer"

Civil War Letters Home (Read only three if there are more than 3)

1. Private George F. Elliott Jr (Artificer) (3 letters)
2. 2nd Lieutenant James P. Elliott (3 letter)
3. Private Joseph Saberton (20 letters)
4. Private John Miller (34 letters)
5. Assistant Surgeon Seneca B. Thrall (44 letters)
6. Private Newton Robert Scott (16 letters)
7. Private Dirk Keppel (14 letters)
8. Captain Frederick E. Ranger (3 letters)
9. Private Josiah Reed (7 letters)
10. Private Richard H. Adams (POW Letters)
11. Colonel Abram Fulkerson, Jr. (3 letters)
12. 3rd Sergeant John Garibaldi (38 letters)
13. Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson (8 letters)
14. Captain Samuel S. Brooke (2 letters)
15. **Private Joseph Milton Elkins** (3 letters)
16. Private Henry H. Dedrick (19 letters)
17. Robert H. Campbell and Charles Varner (8 letters)
18. Private George F. Elliott Jr (Artificer) (3 letters)
19. 2nd Lieutenant James P. Elliott (3 letter)
20. Private Joseph Saberton (20 letters)
21. Private John Miller (34 letters)
22. Assistant Surgeon Seneca B. Thrall (44 letters)
23. Private Newton Robert Scott (16 letters)
24. Private Dirk Keppel (14 letters)
25. Captain Frederick E. Ranger (3 letters)
26. Private Josiah Reed (7 letters)
27. Private Richard H. Adams (POW Letters)
28. Colonel Abram Fulkerson, Jr. (3 letters)
29. 3rd Sergeant John Garibaldi (38 letters)

Manifest Destiny Readings (15.2 - 15.6)

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