Mrs. Gibbs - The END of History Project

Mrs. Gibbs Submission Form

Mrs. Gibbs - 1970s-1980s Visual Research Assignment

Mrs. Gibbs Submission Form

The End of History - Mrs. Kell's Classes

You will be given ONE year in history. You will research 2 historic events that happened that year and 2 cultural events (entertainment, sports, and/or culture)

Notes - Click to copy Google Doc to your Drive

1. Visit your year on the timeline, chose your items, and review links for background information.

Remember! Collect URLs of where you find your information in your electronic notes page or on a word document!

2. Log into your library Catalog account and search One Search for each of your topics
a. Focus first on encyclopedias (get background info, find keywords, NO notes)
b. Then search databases and Sweet Search (TAKE notes and remember to collect URLs for your work cited)
c. Find pictures in Google Image search (use Advance Search for "free to use" licensing, save pics to h: drive, collect URL)

3. Search the Open Web! Google, Yahoo, Your Choice Search Engine! Remember to evaluate websites based on what you have already learned from databases and reviewed websites so that you are only using quality information!

4. Create your project! Prezi -- PowerPoint -- Google Presentation -- Glogster -- Poster. Remember if you are using Glogster or Prezi, you need to download your pictures to your h: drive or Google drive to upload them to the websites.

*Glogster is closed for new free accounts, please remove that option from your project list***

Create accounts here: Glogster Prezi

*Use your school email address to create accounts at Glogster and Prezi!**

EXAMPLES: Glogsterand Prezi

Fakebook Project

Log into your GAfE Account!

Notes Page (Make a copy for your GAfE drive)

Start in Library Catalog to search Encyclopedias and Biography in Context.
Library Catalog
Biography in Context is your best bet for information on people! You can sign in directly from the library home page.

Need more sources? Try,
PBS Biographies
Google News Archives (look for free articles, but don't buy anything!)

After you've created your Fakebook page compete the form on the link below to enter your URL and Password for your Fakebook Page

Mrs. Kell's Submission Form
Mr. Rahmiller's Submission Form
Mrs. Gibbs Submission Form

WWII Home Front Scrapbook Page Links

Women in the War:


Rationing, Victory Gardens,Scrap Drives

War Bond Drives

African Americans:


Roaring Twenties Famous/Infamous People Project

Project Description:

Notes Page:

Finding Biographies
Biography in Context
Biography Reference Center

SweetSearch Biographies
PBS Biographies
WorldBook Online
Britannica Online
Google News Archives (use advanced search and select "no price" for free articles)

Finding Pictures
AP Images (Use Internet Explorer so you can save images to your H: drive; if you use Chrome, you'll need to change your download location to your h: drive in Chrome Settings)
Google Images (Use labeled for reuse in Advance Image Search)
Reminder: you'll need 3-5 pictures of your for them as you research and save a copy of the picture to your h: drive

Power Point


URL = Uniform Resource Locator (the address of a website)
Encyclopedia = a reference resource with a little information about almost any topic. Great for background and finding keywords for searching, but not a place to take notes! (Examples are Wikipedia, Britannica, World Book)
Keyword = a word that serves as a key or locator to finding information in resources
Database = an electronic site that collects information of related data (for example, AP Images holds a gallery of photos by the Associated Press)
SweetSearch = search engine that searches reviewed and credible web sites

State Parks Civilian Conservation Corps

Spanish-American War Prezi (Jones, Kell, Rahmiller):