You now have a GAfE (Google Apps for Education) school account!

  1. Open Chrome browser and sign in with your school email address (
  2. Use the supplied default password from Mrs. Inhelder
  3. Change the default password to the password of your choice (should you ever forget your password ask Mrs. Inhelder to reset your password)
  4. Click on your email address (top right hand corner)....Is this your name?
  5. Click the apps icon and select Drive
  6. Create an 10th Grade folder, create a Biology folder inside it, open your Biology folder
  7. Create a new document per your teacher's instructions.
  8. Click SHARE on your document
    1. Click CHANGE beside Private - Only people listed below can access
    2. Change this setting to People at Marshalltown Community School district with the link - make sure it says MAKE COMMENTS
    3. Click SAVE
    4. Copy the link to place on the form below
    5. Click DONE

Click on the link below by your teacher's name and enter the information required. Paste the link from above to share your presentation with your teacher on the form.
Mrs. Pavlik Assignment Submission

Reminder: When using a PUBLIC computer, you should always Sign Out of Google Drive!

Mr. Kenealy's Data Collection

Mr. Kenealy Assignment Submission
Mr. Kenealy's Photosynthesis Reading Questions
Leaf Lab Data

Mrs. Schafer's Cellular Respiration Assignment
Mrs. Schafer Assignment Submission