Third World Problems - May, 2015

Which problem? Pick one...

1. Task Definition: An analysis of how a social issue is portrayed differently or similarly in the media versus reality. (See the ILN’s write up of Performance Assessment Project)

2. Information Seeking Strategies (What and Where)
  1. General Encyclopedias - find your topic, gain background knowledge, find keywords (no notes)
  2. Books - look for specific sources through Library Catalog
  3. Databases - most of our databases are searched through Library Catalog One Search
  4. Internet - remember what you have already learned so you can determine if source is accurate

3. Location and Access (Find information)

4. Information Use (Read and take notes)

5. Synthesis (WRITE your project)

6. Evaluate (How did you do? How did the process work for you?)

Thursday, May 7, 2015 - Library

Content Objectives: The student will be able to….

  • log into NoodleTools account, share project with teacher
  • log into Destiny account, search for database articles (SIRS Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints)
  • enter research question in NoodleTools on Dashboard
  • enter keywords in NoodleTools on Thesis box

Language Objectives: The student will... Read to summarize, Listen to directions, Ask clarifying questions, Write research question and keywords for searching

International Newspapers

Friday, May 8, 2015 - Library

Work Time

China Position Paper

March 2015

Content Objectives:

Create a Noodle Tools Project and share it with Mr. Rahmiller.

Search Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database (library home page)
Search SIRS Database (library home page)
Search Library Catalog One Search (remember to log in). Be sure to visit the encyclopedias for background information.

Yes - A threat

No - Not a threat

Noodle - Exporting/Printing your Works Cited List (Omit URLs, omit annotations)
  • Check sources to be included (is the box checked on the bottom of the citation?)
  • Click drop-down on Print/Export button
  • Select Formatting Options
    • CHANGE! Include = Citation Only

  • Export as Word Doc or Google (if that is what you are using)
  • Copy/Paste Works Cited as NEW last page in your document

Helpful Links:

International Newspapers
Kidon Media-Link at
Links for 19,740 newspapers for almost every country and territory in the world.

IPL2 at

Newspapers of the World - Newslink at

Newspapers - at

Newspapers - LibrarySpot at