MHS Library Orientation
9th Grade Language Arts Classes

Day 1: Welcome to the Library!

Today you will learn how to:

Scan in (when visiting individually or group from class)
Library Hours: 7:00-4 M-F (some Wednesdays closed for faculty meetings)
Welcome during lunch, study hall, before, after school etc.
  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Take care of others
  3. Take care of the stuff
Use of electronic devices - OK for academic use
Intro staff
Copy machines (10 cents per page)
Conference rooms for faculty only
Both doors used (please no short cuts)

Fiction Section
Fiction section location and arrangement
Arranged by author last name (FIC AND)
Books checked out for 4 weeks (may be renewed, fine 5 cents per day)
Special displays: Battle of the Books, YAC, Iowa Award Books

OPAC Stations
We’ll look at more on day 3
No printer, no log on, no student drives, no internet

Nonfiction section and special section
Foreign languages
Arranged by subject (preceding numbers in call number)
List some subject areas (math, science, history, geography, literature, biography)
Books checked out for 4 weeks (may be renewed, fine 5 cents per day)

SmardBoard Area
By reservation for students or staff

Computer Area
More on day 3

Periodicals and Audio
List some magazines, newspapers
Circulation request at desk, 4 week checkout (may be renewed, fine 5 cents per day)
Playaway demo
Nook demo (permission slip required) (2 wk checkout)

Circulation Desk
ID for checkout
Book return
Date due slips
Book recommendation slips

Expectations are Caring, Accountable, Thinking, Success (as posted)
We are here to help, just ask
We are the people to ask for help with passwords, network accounts, email, library needs

Browsing Time

Day 2: Computer Orientation
Today you will learn how to use:
Computer Expectations: Email, Internet, videos for school use only, school appropriate language, no mass emails, signed agreements, H: drives for students work

Log On - Network
Change password
H: drive, Apps drive (at school)
Saving to H: drive
Email, Network,
Infinite Campus Log On

Day 3: Computers in the Library

Today you will learn how to use:

Library Bookmark in your planner

Library Web Site
Printing in the library (B&W)
MHS RezWiki
Destiny: Catalog search, Quest, OneSearch, eBooks, placing holds